Rupali Composite Leatherwear Ltd. started its journey in 2014, being located in Hazaribagh.

It processes raw materials and converts them into finished goods as shoes, sandals, ladies’ bags, wallets, hand gloves etc.The finished goods are then supplied to the buyers of the global market.

Hence, Rupali Composite Leatherwear Ltd. needs to work with innovative and experienced workforces who have the ability to contribute towards its success. Furthermore, it assures that the designers have the aesthetic sense to make customized and unique products, based on the demands of the foreign buyers.At present ….Labour, and …officer are devotedly working to exceed the milestone set by it previously.

Rupali Composite Leatherwear Ltd., despite being a new company has flourished significantly.It is a 100% export based company, which focuses to meet the market demand of a wide range of countries. The company is now exporting to Italy, France, Japan, Spain, China, Canada, Australia, Russia, Korea.

Its potential to emerge as one of the leading exporting companies of the country is highlighted in its annual turnover of over 9.5 million USD in 2014. This figure upholds that the tremendous efforts made by all the levels of workforce of the company are paying off.