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1st October 2023

143, Hazaribagh,



Crescent Tanneries Ltd.

Crescent Tanneries Ltd.started itsvoyage in 1977, being situated in Hazaribagh, and from then onwards it has established itself as one of legendarycompany of Bangladesh in tannery sector. Its determination to be at the top, acted as a source of encouragement, to be highly professional in conducting business and gave it a reason to strive to set a remarkable benchmark, which is tough to touch for its competitors, regarding the welfare of its employees and the community. At present ….Labour, and …officer are devotedly working to exceed the milestone set by it previously.

The outstanding quality of leadership in the top level management and dedication among the workforce have led the company in a sustainable position and helped it to gain a place in the evoked set of its customers. Its meticulous effort to succeed and concern towards the customers proved as a vital source to build up the remarkable goodwill it possesses and its annual turnover worth above USD 29 million in 2014 is a reflection of how highly it is accepted among the customers.

The company specializes in meeting the market demand of crushed and finished leather. Its market is comprised of both local and global sections and hence, making it a local and export based company. Along with local market,the company meets the global demand by supplying crushed and finished leather in Hong Kong, China and Korea.