Crescent Leather Products Ltd. started its journey in 2005, and since then, it has established itself as a 100% export oriented company.It has a tannery in Hazaribagh to process raw materials into finished goods, which are worthy enough to meet the global demand. It manufactures top class leather products and exports to the foreign market under the brand named, Nodi.

The company has a reputation of recruiting and working with highly innovative and experienced individuals to ensure continuous development of the leather products it make to meet the demand of the foreign buyers. At present ….Labour, and …officer are devotedly working to exceed the milestone set by it previously.It also makes highly customized products for renowned global brands and assures that the products are good enough to help maintaining the reputation of the global brands. Its tremendous effort to be a highly profitable company helped it to emerge as one of the renowned leather goods manufacturer and exporter of the country.

It has made a mind-staggering annual turnover of more than 121 million USD in 2014. It shows how established and well-known the company is, around the globe.The foreign buyers rely on Crescent Leather Products Ltd. as it satisfies their needs with quality shoes, sandals, ladies’ bags, wallets etc.